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The new way to deliver fun interactive learning at the speed of business.


Personalize your portal with your logo, brand colors, and a welcome message.


Users create their own accounts by adding their name and any email address.


Users can signup and login on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Product Home - Quickify AI


After Login, users see a start screen with tiles - it's super intuitive, like your smart tv.

Each tile represents a specific course - you can add as many courses or modules as you want.


Our self-directed, step-by-step learning method has built in adult learning principles, follows accessibility guidelines, and works on every device.

It's easy to personalize our course templates or start from scratch.

Here's some customers examples...

Example - AIMCo

Used their existing brand guidelines and images to create employee onboarding.

Onboarding Template - Quickify AI

Example - Heidelberg Materials

Generated a new AI background and personalized the information for safety training.

Training Template - Quickify AI


Every course lets you mix and match up to 12 interactive activities.

Developed over 8 years of research, each activity includes a timer, points and a badge.

Here's some of our most popular activities...

Multiple Choice

Presented with 4 possible answers, Multiple Choice works with or without an image. Every wrong answer is removed to help encourage progress.


With a list of items and 2 or 3 columns, Classify is a drag and drop activity that encourages users to snap important content items into the right category.


Short and snappy video clips keep your users engaged with key pieces of information. Don't have video? No problem! Most of our customers create courses without it, and it works well!


Starting with a simple instruction, Sorting is a tap, drag, and order activity that works well with corporate processes, procedures, and chain of command.

Fill in the Blank

Deliver important information with Fill in the Blank, a drag and drop activity that requires reading sentences to confirm the missing word.


Understanding corporate terminology is a snap with Matching, a drag and drop activity where the word has to match the correct definition.


Create a role playing scenario with two characters in specific roles, followed by an activity like True or False, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, etc.


Create a role playing scenario with a character in any situation followed by any activity - True or False, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, etc.


It's easy to generate new assets with Quickify AI's Content Management System (CMS).

Generate Images

Never use stock photos again! Use our pre-generated AI images or create your own unique Backgrounds and Characters.

Create instant assets with AI

Check out some AI generated customer assets...

Example - Naheyawin

Beautiful, unique paper-cut artwork is instantly generated and added to activities.

Naheyawin created papercut artwork using Quickify AI.

Example - Bird Construction

"Sasha" is an AI generated employee used in scenarios. No actors. No photo shoots.

Generate content

Add your content to our editor, and it will automatically generate activity questions and answers. It's that easy! 

Simply paste a block of content. Hit generate. You get instant questions and answers.

Don't like the content it generates? Edit it yourself or try again.

Easy authoring


See course summaries, download reports, and review content intelligence in your dashboard.


See a summary in real time of how many users are in progress, the number of completions, incorrect answers, time spent on average in each course and more!

Quckify AI Analytics - Estimates


Download an insights report with individual performance results like completion time, percentage complete, awards earned, location and other specific data.

Quickify AI Analytics - Download insights reports


See how your team is answering each activity question in detail to see exactly how you can improve program delivery.

Quickify AI Analytics - see individual activity intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hosting included?

It is! You don't need a separate progrm to launch your learning.

How do I get help?

We're here to help you succeed. Contact support and we'll help you ASAP.

I'm busy, can you build this for me?

Contact our team and we'd be happy to review your requirements and provide a free quote.

Do you have a free plan?

We're launching our free plan for everyone next month (October 2023).

Where is your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

If you're looking for legal check out our support docs.