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Quickify AI makes it easy to create a step-by-step gamified experience on any subject that engages your audience and delivers measurable results.
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Everything you need to quickly create online courses and adjust anything in seconds with advanced AI.

How it Works

Onboarding and training shouldn't be hard

Quickify AI makes learning fun, fast, and memorable.


Engage, educate and empower with every click

From gamification to real-time analytics, ensure that learning is not just educational but truly engaging.

Quickify AI is cloud-hosted


Access our all-in-one learning platform from any browser, on any device, seamlessly integrated into your daily workflow.

Quickify AI has extensive analytics


Gain insights from detailed performance metrics and content analytics to continuously improve your courses.

Store and share important documents with Quickify AI

Course Library

Store and share important documents, links, surveys, and other resources right within each course for easy access.


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What is Quickify AI?
Developed by the team at TIQ Software, Quickify AI is an online platform that makes learning and training more engaging and interactive. It helps simplify the process of creating interactive learning, makes it fun for users, and delivers measurable results.
Can Quickify AI integrate with other tools and platforms?
Yes, Quickify AI connects to your existing Microsoft or Google mail system using Single Sign-On at no extra cost. It can also connect to your intranet, HR system, or Learning Management System.
How do plans and pricing work?
Start with a free account that includes all features and up to 10 users. You don't need a credit card and there's no time limit. When you're ready, choose a plan for the number of users you need. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.
How does Quickify AI ensure security and privacy?
Designed from over 10 years of research, and cutting edge technology from AWS, OKTA, and Directus, Quickify AI works in the most demanding environments and passes security audits with flying colors.
What kind of support is available?
Visit our support website for articles, documentation, and video tutorials. You can submit a request and our team would be happy to help. For your end users, Quickify AI includes end user support. If someone on your team asks for help, they'll get a reply with helpful tips, and our team will follow up if they need additional support.

Say goodbye to dull learning and hello to Quickify AI.

Your all-in-one platform that transforms onboarding and training into an engaging, gamified, measurable experience.