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How we got here

Born out of necessity to help us create interactive onboarding and training courses for companies, here's the story behind TIQ Software and why we created Quickify AI.


Hi, I'm Jason Suriano. Founder and CEO at TIQ Software.

When the company launched in 2005, we were a Digital Learning Studio providing custom instructional design and development services. If you needed a website or app, we built it from scratch.

My team and I worked with a lot of Learning Management Systems (LMS), that were big, bloated, and expensive (they still are). While an LMS is great for infrastructure, they deliver terrible user experiences - poor point and click videos, boring activities, and very little course performance data.

We knew there was a better way.

In 2015 we used a Content Management System (CMS) to build our own internal learning platform from scratch. We called it Trajectory IQ.

We used Trajectory IQ to create beautifully designed courses that had interactive activities, and a robust points and badging system that tracked progress and performance.

TIQ Software

From 2015 - 2022 we used Trajectory IQ to create over 300 custom courses for startups, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies - from employee onboarding to compliance training (and everything in between).

We changed our company name to TIQ Software as we shifted from a custom studio to a product company.

Although Trajectory IQ worked well for my team, it wasn't easy for our customers. The CMS was still too complicated for customers - it had a lot of moving parts.

Quickify AI

During the pandemic, I started to imagine Trajectory IQ as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product.

For two years we worked on a new version of our CMS with busy  product, marketing and team managers in mind.

Once we had our new cloud-based CMS in place, I wanted to make it simple to write questions and generate images - the complicated part of creating meaningful learning.

Artificial Intelligence was the missing piece of the puzzle.

We integrated OpenAI's ChatGPT (content) and Dall-E (images) directly into our CMS to help customers generate what they need on the fly without pre-build courses or stock photos.

After extensive customer pilot testing in 2023, Quickify AI was born.

Now anyone can create amazing workplace learning, share it, and have users sign up with their own email address on any device.


As we shift to Quickify AI full time, our mission is the same - to make the best workplace learning experience.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or you can reach me by email at jason@quickify.ai.

Jason Suriano
Founder & CEO

Our executive team

Together for over 10 years, we're passionate about helping deliver an amazing learning experience.

Jason Suriano
Founder & CEO

MA, Digital Humanities. 3x founder with 2 successful exits. 20 years experience. Author, speaker, mentor.

Vince Fournier
Product Director

Media & Design Diploma. 20 years experience. Product and Project Management expert.

Lydia Lees
Customer ExPerience Director

BFA, Media and Digital Arts. 20 years experience. Support and production expert.

Eric Paquette
Technical Director

BSC, Comp Sci. 26 years experience. Former Senior Engineer at Intuit and BioWare.